Jess Perez /

Technical Director for the Production of Artistic and Curatorial Projects

Before working as the director of live special effects for the Performance Department at Paris Disneyland for ten years and then the technical director at the National Rhine Opera for the ballet, he was the technical director at the Dejazet Theatre in Paris.
For four years, he created and supervised new technical services for exhibition production and the production of artworks for the Centre Georges Pompidou in the Department of Production with a fulltime multidisciplinary team of thirty-five colleagues. He participated on 120 exhibitions, a few of which are: Africa Remix, M. Stevens, Dyonisac, D'Day, Big Bang, Dada, W. Klein, Los Angeles, Hans Bellmer, Le Mouvement des Images, Godard, D. Smith, Y. Klein, R. Rauschenberg, Fabrica, Hergé, S. Beckett, Airs de Paris, Accrochages Musée niveaux 4 et 5, A. Messager, A. Giacometti, Erice-Kiarostami, Richard Rogers, Louise Bourgeois, Traces du Sacré, D. Perrault-DPA, J. Villeglé, Le Futurisme, and Ron Arad.
He oversees the technical management and production department for the artworks and installations, displayd, the exhibition set-up and dismantling, and the transportation for Artevia's contributions in the following exhibitions: Gakona at Palais de Tokyo, Istanbul, Traversée at Palais des Beaux Arts in Lille, The Wings Party at Abu Dhabi (2009), and Gosse de Peintre, Beat Takeshi Kitano at the Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain (2010).
He works with artists and institutions on the development and production of complex projects: some of which are Loris Gréaud, Claude Lévèque, Stephane Thidet, Delphine Coindet, and Lille 3000.