Paris - Berges de Seine /

Paris - Berges de Seine /

The City of Paris
Delegate production of the event "Les Berges de l’Europe” during UEFA EURO 2016

2016 - ongoing

• Programming
• Production
• Technical direction

Artevia is working to implement an exceptional program of entertainment.
Concerts, meetings, debates, language workshops, food trucks ... will be held from 8 June to 10 July, on the left Banks of the Seine between the Solferino Bridge and the Port of Gros Caillou, renamed the Banks of Europe on the occasion of UEFA EURO 2016.
The "Agora", swap space and friendliness, will offer a rich program around football, culture, art and Europe.
The "fresco of Europe" will be a monumental collective work on more than one kilometer, and will tell the European history. The "fresco of Europe" is a proposal for a graphical games, in reference to the book "Exercises in Style" of the writer Raymond Queneau and the colors of the countries selectionned in the competition.
The "country pavilions", containers and facilities open to all, will allow visitors to discover in an original way the countries involved in the competition, with activities and a cultural and artistic program offered by the country.
The playful and artistic journey, extended throughout the site, highlights the values of football, popular and collective, the communion between players and fans, but also the creative dimension that football can inspire to artists.

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