7th March 2016 /

A renewed success for the 3rd Fête du graphisme produced from January 6 to February 16 by Artevia

For the third consecutive year, the graphic arts have performed at the heart of the French capital. Moreover, it has united this time to Brussels, allowing graphic arts to unfold and spread over a large area.
In Paris, always a multiformed and international programming (exhibitions, screenings, conferences ...) has enabled more than 10 000 visitors to go to meet young French talents but also famous artists from the international scene; not counting those who have admired for 5 weeks, the artistic order of the City of Paris Celebrate the City throughout Paris on JCDecaux’s street furnitures.
In the idea of involving young talents, 330 students from 10 major Parisian art schools participated in a week of workshops led by international artists of the artistic order and exhibitions on the theme "social and solidarity city".
"Fête du graphisme 3" published by the Editions du Limonaire tells in 496 pages, 500 color reproductions and fifteen interviews, all the exhibitions of this 3rd edition.
The Fête du graphisme thanks its loyal partners and gives you appointment next year.
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26th February 2016 /

Artevia and JCDecaux promote the Fête du graphisme outside our borders !

In 2016, the "Fête du graphisme" has chosen to radiate beyond the French borders with JCDecaux, our founding partner. The artistic order of the Mayor of Paris City Hall, "Celebrating the City," was exposed for 5 weeks in hundreds of bus shelters simultaneously in Paris and Brussels. This event allowed to broadcast in two European capitals, the most contemporary graphic design of the worldwild. He thus revealed to the public the diversity of graphic writings of renowned international artists and young talents invited by the Mayor of Paris and the artistic committee of the festival, to achieve an original work on this important theme.Largement relayed in the press and on social networks, this event introduces new exchanges between Belgium and France to draw up a new network of Graphic design in Europe.

16th February 2016 /

Only a few days to visit the exhibition Osiris, Egypt's Sunken Mysteries

Enjoy these last days ! Book your tickets here : http://exposition-osiris.fnacspectacles.com/

28th January 2016 /

The Fête du graphisme this week

In addition to the exhibitions, follow the Fête du graphisme on different events :
- Tonight's the "Nuit du générique" at the Majestic Bastille from 8 PM,
- Tomorrow night, a MKS Room with Make Sense, partner of the workshops on "The Social and Solidarity City" at the Sensespace at 7PM,
- Saturday , Michel Bouvet and Blanche Alméras , curators of the exhibitions, waiting for you to autograph catalog at the International City of Arts.
More information about fetedugraphisme.org .

13th January 2016 /

Osiris, Egypt's sunken mysteries is extended until March 6 !

The exhibition confirms its success with over 200,000 visitors and is extended until 6th March at the Arab World Institute . To book your tickets : http://exposition-osiris.fnacspectacles.com/

18th October 2015 /

Artevia renews its participation to the project of the museum of the future: the Chalet Society created by Marc-Olivier Walher

Chalet Society presents - on the occasion of the FIAC Paris (Parcours hors les murs) - two exhibitions-events co-produced with Artevia.
THE PREDICTIONS OF SAUL WAH, king for a night, ancestor of Chalet Society. Historians and artists worked from the prophecies of this visionary, distant descendant of Marc-Olivier Wahler, extract from a notebook kept secret for centuries and rediscovered three years agoprophecies. Next to the Grand Palais, Square de Berlin, Général Eisenhower avenue, October 21st - November 1st, from 11am till 8pm.
WHITE SLOPE (CURIOSITY), Named as the Rover of the NASA deployed on Mars in 2012, the Kolkoz installation pays homage to the Martian pioneer craft and offers a pataphysical answer to what mobility (and even fluidity) might mean in today’s world, a notion particularly interesting for Chalet Society to rethink the third millenium artistic institution. On the Banks of the Seine, between Senghor and the Pont de la Concorde from 19 to 25 October.

5th October 2015 /

Last Saturday, the Banks of the Seine were illuminated with the colors of the Parisian Nuit Blanche!

Artevia invited the curator Anne-Laure Chamboissier for this occasion. The videographer Charles Carcopino has illuminated the «Cétacé !» of Saprophytes under the Pont de la Concorde. This installation, made from reclaimed wood in the shape of marine mammal, came alive to the rhythm of the sound work «Code de nuit, un cocktail commode» created by Cécile Paris.

28th September 2015 /

Artevia is open for a few more days the Hermès exhibition "In the eye of the stroller" on the Banks of the Seine

Until October 5, Hermès invites you to its exhibition that showcases the art of strolling in Paris, in an ephemeral space designed for the occasion. The scenography plunges the visitor into a joyful experience of fantasy. Over the various rooms, this veritable cabinet of curiosities enchants visitors.

25th September 2015 /

Artevia accompanied the establishment of PARIS OF THE FUTURE on the Banks of the Seine

Within the framework of the COP21, the City of Paris has mobilized private actors, academics and civil society actors to assert, with them, the Parisian ambition in ecological transition putting available Parisian public space as a showcase in open air. This mobilization helps to expose innovative prototypes and demonstrators on the Banks of the Seine until October 4.
More information here : http://lesberges.paris.fr/agenda/paris-de-lavenir/

24th September 2015 /

Artevia in the heart of social innovation with the 4th edition of Positive Economy Forum which closed last Saturday

This year in Le Havre, the positive economy has reached a new milestone: the speakers from around the world have given to see solutions that will build a positive world in 2030.
Concrete proposals have emerged and will be presented to the President of the Republic in October, a few weeks of COP 21.
+ Nearly 7,000 participants in the various events, conferences, Positive Labs, parties .....
+ 3 days of conferences
+ 300 international speakers
+ 21 themes, a special day COP 21
+ 25 workshops to contribute to the drafting of a final document on the Planet Positive in 2030 handed over to the heads of state at the conclusion of the Forum
+ A hundred business leaders to the CCI for the presentation of the Positivity Index of companies
+ The publication of 3 positive economic indices : Nations, Cities, Companies
+ 2 screenings engaged for a positive world
+1 Unprecedented mobilization of youth in Le Havre with 1,200 students at the forum, 350 childrens at the Children's Forum, hundreds of students at the Rebirth evening at the University Library