15th July 2016 /

Artevia won an assistance mission for research and definition of artistic, cultural, and heritage initiatives as projects to revitalize French medium-sized cities’ centers.

As part of the "Demonstrators" study conducted by the Caisse des dépôts et consignations’s, the task entrusted to Artevia focuses on a cultural experimentation study in city centers of 10 medium-sized cities in France: PERPIGNAN, NEVERS, VIERZON, CHALON-EN- CHAMPAGNE, CAHORSs, LUNEVILLE, FLERS, MIRAMAS, VALENCIA, FORT DE FRANCE.

17th June 2016 /

Launch Press Conference for "a summer at Le Havre in 2017", an Artevia executive production, by Edouard Philippe, Mayor of Le Havre and Jean Blaise, Art Director

Presentation to the regional press of the cultural event designed by Jean Blaise, to celebrate 500 years of the city of Le Havre and its port in 2017. Over 50 artists were invited to reveal the city : an artistic journey in the most symbolic and unknown places with artists like Stéphane Thidet, Vincent Ganivet or Chiharu Shiota, large popular festivals and events orchestrated by Art Point M and Royal de Luxe, exhibitions with the return of the masterpiece "Impression soleil levant" which returns where it was painted, Pierre and Gilles, and the collection "French Line" which will celebrate the golden age of transatlantic cruises, and many other surprises that will make of the Normandy town the cultural destination of 2017. Be there during the summer 2017 from May 27 to November 5 !

14th June 2016 /

Festival-goers meeting We Love Green’s Think Thank, a success for the first collaboration between We Love and Artevia

Artevia contributed for the first time to We Love Green’s Think Thank. As the 4th scene of the Festival, the Think Thank scene aims at deconstructing preconceived ideas and discusses alternatives to existing models! In this eclectic program, change makers, scientists, thinkers and other engaged personalities, opposed their speeches; confirming the Festival’s will to "agitate ideas"! Speakers such as the dano-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, the director Cyril Dion, the journalist Anne-Sophie Novel raised the festival-goers conscious to current ecological, social, economic and cultural issues. Partners such as Think Life (D’Days & Artevia) had the opportunity to draw their vision of a sustainable world. http://www.welovegreen.fr/think-tank/

13th June 2016 /

Highlights on the 2nd edition of Think Life Forum : an idea laboratory to explore the future of our daily life

From may 31th to june 5th, designers, architects and scientists were gathered for the 2nd edition of the Think Life Forum organized by Designers Days and Artevia! Again this year, by a forward-looking and interdisciplinary dialogue, Think Life has wished to contribute to the diffusion of the necessary keys enabling everyone to understand the transformation challenges of our world. [THINK] 2 days of talks and round tables at Le Carreau du Temple, Paris: > A fascinating outlook by Jean-Marc Tassetto (founder of Coorp Academy) on the learning and knowledge revolution > A brilliant speech by Jean-Noël Portugal, founder of Daesign, about game designing and politics. > A spectacular takeoff towards space with the experimented French astronaut Michel Tognini ! > A debate about how design, mindfulness and IT can help us to build a peaceful society. > A closing session reminding us the necessity of considering global thinking to imagine new ways of living with Rémi Babinet (BETC) and Ramy Fischler (designer). Replay available soon on thinklife.com ! [SHARE & LEARN] at Galerie Joseph Turenne, Paris > Thematical afternoons took place to debate with designers, as well as workshops dealing with innovating goods and services, shaping the evolutions in the field of design. We had the pleasure to receive designers like Raphaël Pluvinage, Philippe Nigro, or the Centre National des Arts Plastiques!

13th June 2016 /

The project "Berges de l'Europe" moves up to the place of the Paris' City Hall

Because of the flooding, Artevia is buillding the project renamed "Place de l'Europe". The site will be freely accessible to the public from 10am to 22pm every day from June 18 to July 10 . They are invited to PLAY, VIBRATE and THINK around the themes of culture, european values and football.

29th May 2016 /

Carte blanche THINK LIFE by D’DAYS at WE LOVE GREEN festival

Think Life Forum will be part of We Love Green Festival’s THINK TANK. 2 hours of talks around the environmental issues and the solutions designers of today can imagine, to limit the impact of human activities on the planet with Fernando Romero, architect, Célia Blauel, Deputy Mayor, city of Paris, Reinhard Hohlwein, Scientist, Isabelle Daëron, Designer, Felix Hallwachs, CEO, Little Sun. Be there on june 5th from 3 to 5 PM. Full program sur http://www.welovegreen.fr/think-tank/

29th May 2016 /

Join us on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Carreau du Temple for the Think Life Forum conference

2 days and 4 sessions to explore the future of education, mobility, health and housing : #LEARN #JOURNEY #CARE #LIVE with over 50 designers, architects, artists, business leaders and academics as Jean-Marc Tassetto, Michel Tognini, Rémi Babinet, Pierre Giner, Ramy Fischler, Gerrit Schilder & Hill Scholte, Ben Chiu, Esther Bacot, Arthur André, Hugues Aubin, Isabelle Hilali… More information here

11th May 2016 /

Artevia et D’DAYS extend the experience of Think Life forum with the support of Ministry of Culture and Communication from May 31st to June 4th

For its 2d edition, Think Life feature 2 days of conferences at the Carreau du Temple, with master classes, round tables and cross-disciplinary discussions between 50 academics, scientists, designers and business leaders. The program will address 4 issues from a prospective point of views: #Learn #Journey #Care #Live. The Galerie Joseph will welcome 5 days of workshops and talks to extend the experience around these issues. Other exhibitions will be presented during the DDAY'S festival. A novelty in 2016 is a "carte blanche" for 2 hours of discussions during the think tank of We Love Green on June 5th. Programming on www.think-life.com

11th May 2016 /

Artevia teams up with the We Love Green Festival to design its Think Tank progam

Held on June 4th and 5th in Paris, the festival will feature, in addition to its rich music line up, 10 conferences on social and environmental issues. Scientists, philosophers, activists and artists will take the floor to help the audience understand a changing world, take down stereotypes and come up with alternatives to the existing system. Go listen to, book your tickets : www.welovegreen.fr

21st April 2016 /

Artevia is again engaged alongside the City of Paris and the Seine Berges site for an exceptional cultural program as part of UEFA EURO 2016

Artevia designs and implements an original artistic programming on the Banks of the Seine with all the countries involved in the competition . The agora , a place of exchange around football , culture , art and Europe , the fresco of Europe, monumental graphic work on European history , and the country pavilions will host June 8 10th July hundreds of thousands of visitors.