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We understand culture as an important commitment for the general public and as a crucial investment for society as a whole. It is a virtual pillar of sustainable and solidarity development that allows us to build a sense of community and to make creations and their consequential reflections accessible to all. Through this contribution, we can invent together a new know how for the future. Culture, a fundamental feature of human development, acts as a growth engine for territories, drawing on their strength and the pull of their potential creativity. We believe in the ability of artists to mobilize and in their creations to act as poetic and lavish universes, full of new possibilities, that stimulate our senses. It is our belief that they invent different approaches and perspectives that benefit the whole. Today, we introduce the opportunity to contribute to decompartmentalization and the public accessibility of creations through the invention of new concepts, which generate community involvement in debates and discussions. New communication technologies and their democratization have profoundly influenced ways of producing creations and their cultural diffusion all the while offering new points of view. Much like other cultural industries (film, music, live performances, books, etc), the world of avant-garde creation and the exhibition sector have become professional and industrial as a result of large-scale cultural events that touch the public. Simultaneously, the local community has shown a renewed commitment to their cultural policy and notably a renewed interest in the management of culturally important sites. In addition, in the context of destructured media and the fragmentation of audiences, businesses and their brands must be very sensitive to how they modify their dialogue with consumers. Since they must respond to questions of age and access and actively engage communities of consumers, the cultural content becomes a real engine for economic growth. Also, the personalities of the cultural industries and brands have understood that working together on the development of projects is mutually beneficial. This is why Artevia wishes to accompany, develop, and increase these new energetic exchanges. Fortified by our expertise developed while advising and producing events, and inspired by the promising potential of evolutions in the cultural sector, Artevia now wishes to apply itself to the development of concepts themselves, exhibitions, coproduction and the management of sites for international use.